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Little update on the site : in the lists, I put a "*" beside the tabs which are delivered with the score and the MIDI file :-)
Happy New Year ! And a new version of this site for 2014 !
The tablatures published since now will be not alone anymore, but published with scores (in treble and bass keys) and MIDI files (with or without click) !
I will update one by one the old tablatures, following the difficulty order (see the difficulty list) and beginning by the easiest.
Happy bass to all of you for 2014 and beyond !!!
A wonderful song with a singular bass line
A very easy french song (which will keep playing in your head the whole day lol)
A timeless song to play in a jam and to make the people sing
A wonderful psychedelic rock, the first Hendrix on the site ! Enjoy ;-)
A very nice funk of an unknown artist
It rocks, pure pleasure to play and to hear !
Easy french pop song
When movie soundtrack and french song meet together
I am sorry but the email and the form to submit requests were not working anymore since beginning of December.
They are repaired now, so please send me again mails and/or requests through the form because I did not received them. All my apologizes and thank you very much :-)
A very nice ballad
Good French rock quite easy
A wonderful slow rock
A nice rock for my come back on the frets :-) Happy Christmas !
A relaxing alternative rock to change habits
The easiest groove of the world !
A great rock. Have fun :-)
An instrumental reggae to call the sun
Here is an easier one, with one rock part and one funk part.
A nice line, not so easy that I thought
A nice and easy rock
A very easy rock, nice to play for beginners
A groovy reggae to wish you a happy new year full of music :-)
Plunge in the 70's with a folky bassline for beginners
An easy Punk Rock and a good exercise to practice to mute open strings
Let's Rock, and Hard !
A young belgian artist for a groovy R&B with a bassline I enjoy very much
Take your contrabass, or set your bass full on the jazz/neck pickup for this easy swing
A good and funny to play rock & roll
As I have to play this one for my group, it was a very good opportunity to come back !
A wonderful song from the soundtrack of the movie Harold and Maude
Mythic song with a very easy bassline.
Special mood for an unusual style of song.
Nice easy bass line for a catchy song.
A nice reggae (I love the sound of that bass).
Here is a good hard rock for beginners like me ;-).
What a surprise ! Who would have believed that such a groove was released in 2008 ?
A wonderful hard rock from a legendary group. Pump up the volume and have fun !
A nice soft rock to dance with your princess or your prince.
This tablator is not exact because some 16th notes are missing. To simplify the tablator, I did not write them intentionally.
If you did not see it yet, it is now possible to submit requests with a form.
Check in the menu ;-)
A sympathic line playing with open strings.
Another proof that you don't need to play complex and difficult stuff to be groovy :-)
A nice line playing with open strings.
A light rock from the sixties
A nice alternative rock with an easy bass line.
Nice request, not easy at all, neither to write down, nor to play, but very nice and quite unusual
Et hop, a languishing slow rock, globally quite easy, with a nice melody going up to 17th fret.
I go on this way with a beautiful gothic rock request, versions BEAD (original one) and EADG. Have fun !
The site is now in its final version, the last things to add are not important and will be done little by little.
You can now subscribe to be notified by mail when new tablators are published, look for it in the left menu ;-)
I restarted today to write tablatores, and they are back with a good Reggae to celebrate the sun coming back !
Browse the list ordered by publication date to find it immediately :-)
After one year at, here is the new version of the site.
All the improvements are not yet visible, but I preferred to open the site as soon as all the tablators from the blog had been adapted and transferred.
It is done now, and I will be able to start back writing the many requests you ask me. I will as well regularly add some improvements to the site.
The first improvements will be the possibility to subscribe to the newsletter and the tab list ordered by difficulty.